Texas Hold’em Poker Rules and Strategies

Poker is a card game that is popular all over that world and it is played by people of all ages and location. In less than two centuries poker has change in many great ways. Poker was originally most common with outlaws and cheats that were looking for fast and easy methods to win large amounts of money without breaking a sweat. Today, poker has become a renowned game that is considered a “sport” with professional players that gain as much celebrity status as a movie star.

Over the years, numerous styles of poker have been created. (This is why after so many years poker is still a popular game) One of the styles is called Texas hold’em and like the original poker game, its roots are uncertain. Texas hold’em is one of the most common version of poker that is play in casinos. Texas hold’em has become so popular that it is often the poker version shown in television shows and movies gaming slots.

The basic rules of Texas hold’em are as follow. In live casinos the dealer, the person that distributes the cards, never plays. Online casinos also use dealer, however it is common that instead of a person, a round disk known as a “dealer button” moves from player to player distributing the cards to each one. The game starts when the player located at the left of the dealer places a bid. When the bid is placed the dealer gives out the cards, each player is giving two cards that are face down. Afterwards the dealer places three cards on the table; these steps are reaped approximately five times. The goal of poker hold’em, like the majority of poker games, is to form the best possible five-card poker hand than the rest of the players.

The best strategy that you can use in Texas hold’em, like the majority of poker games, is reading the opponents moves and facial expressions. Of course, this is not enough to win Texas hold’em or any poker game for that matter. You also need to know the basic rules of the game you are playing. Knowing the rules of the poker game you are playing will help you great a game plan that will help you make a good combat.

Two major essential tips tot remember when playing Texas hold’em are, one, the two cards in your hand are the two cards that separates you from the rest of the players and give you a chance to win. Two, the cards in the center of the table are seen by everyone, therefore it is very important to think of what each card may mean to each individual player, but do not forget to keep in mind what they mean to you as well. Although this to tips are consider the basic rules / tips, it is amazing the number of people who forget them.

If you follow this simple Texas hold’em rule you will be able to form great strategies that may lead you to win great amounts of money. So everybody lets play some Texas hold’em poker!

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