Get the Edge With Novel Writing Software

It goes without saying of course: You can write masterpieces of fiction without using novel writing software. All the classics were written without writer’s software, probably manuscripted on paper with fountain pen, or typed on unwieldy typewriters in centuries past. But we live in a faster world today and most writers I know write their novels on laptop computers these days, working with the help of a word processor; some of them have websites on the side, and yet some others do freelance writing in addition. The times when a writer could work on a single idea for years and years are long gone and the competition so bad that an idea for a novel that sounds very good today may be altogether stale come next year นิยายY.

Working with writer’s software you can reduce the time required to go from story idea to publication considerably. Like most writers I still enjoy the long walks in the countryside, mulling over an idea for a novel, taking the idea through the paces you might say, but the truth is most of us can’t afford many of those walks these days. With novel writing software you can cover a lot more ground in just a few hours than you could, taking the long country walks. It isn’t as much fun of course, but, like I said, most of us can’t indulge ourselves much of late.

For the beginning novelist the advantage in using writer’s software is the built-in novel writing help that walks you through the steps for crafting good fiction, showing you how to write a novel. Some of the better programs are built around story engines that are designed basing on research done by ‘reverse-engineering’ the acclaimed novels of masters past and present – meaning that in using the novel writing software you get a crash course of sorts on how to write a novel, the way the masters in your chosen genre have done for decades or centuries.

There are many novel writing software programs on the market today and I will not go into which of them work best. For that you may check out my blog on the subject. In this article I want to encourage those who may have misgivings about using novel writing software – misgivings from your inner voices or from an external influence. Architects use graphics software to draft projects in days that would have taken them months only two decades ago. Surgeons too are using computer software to do complex surgical procedures that were impossible years ago.

Architects and surgeons, indeed many other professionals, can reap the benefits of using computer software, why not novelists? Do we have more time than everybody else? If you haven’t done so already my feeling is that you should try out novel writing software. Maybe it gives you an edge.

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